Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems does iNetFusion Support? Does iNetFusion support Windows 10?

Yes, iNetFusion is completely compatible with Windows 10.

Is iNetFusion available for MAC?

At this moment iNetFusion is a windows only product, however you can run it on mac using a Virtual Machine

How will the iNetFusion speed up my internet?

iNetFusion will utilize all your available internet connections for downloads(multithreaded) and browsing saving you time and effort. Lesser time you spend waiting for the page to load or the file to download, the more productive you become.

What do I have to do to use all my internets with iNetFusion?

Nothing, Not even clicking the start button, just open the iNetfusion app and you are done, it will take care of the rest

How does iNetFusion work?

Most modern network applications open a lot of connections(sockets) to send/receive network data, iNetFusions network driver puts each of these sockets on a different internet connection to maximize bandwidth utilization. iNetFusion uses the latest techniques and workarounds that makes this process(load-balancing) very efficient even while the memory usage by the application barely crosses 50MB and CPU usage is infrequent.
Your network data isn't modified or snooped onto in anyway. The load-balancing is done right from your computer.
None of your network connections are ever redirected by iNetFusion to an intermediate remote/local server to accomplish combined bandwidth usage, So its completely safe and legit unlike channel bonding where your data passes through a VPN to a third party server before it reaches the actual destination. The application itself uses the internet only
1)To verifies your license with the iNetFusion Licensing Server.
2)To check internet connectivity on a network adapter before adding it for Fusion.
So the application only communicates with the iNetFusion Licensing Server and a Microsoft server to verify network connectivity.

How is iNetFusion useful to me?

Connect all available internets and let iNetFusion split your network traffic between all these connections. It can particularly boost web browsing, downloads with multiple connections and torrential downloads. Live video streaming may not benefit as much from load balancing, however downloading videos over multiple connections will be boosted

I can't access the BuyNow button, How to purchase a license?

In case you are unable to access the payment page via the BuyNow button on the application please purchase a license from our main website. You will receive an activation code that you can enter on the activation page. To activate click activate on the main application. Please note there is no need for an activation code if you click BuyNow from the main application, On successful payment your iNetFusion license will auto activate without the need of any activation code.

iNetFusion closes automatically after opening and displays a message "Your Trial period has expired. Please click Buy Now to purchase a license"

This means that you have to subscribe to a license to use it. Please click here to buy now.

How can I contact you, If I need help?

We provide numerous options for you to get in touch with us.Regardless,if you are Trial or Paid user.
To Get in touch with us you can do any of these :

1. Send an email to
2. Leave us a message on the Contact Us form on our website.
3. Leave a post on our websites Feedback Forum
4. Send a private Message on our facebook page iNetFusion